The Entrepreneur Mindset – part 2 – Never Give Up

Have you sometimes wondered why some people make money online, while others don't?

Or even why some people can pick themselves up and carry on if a business or idea doesn't work out and that they can do this time and time again until they succeed?

I've had various jobs over the years including security, cleaning, being a chef and having my own small one man cleaning business. I hated these jobs because of long hours, crap pay or both.

Going back to 1998, I tried the MLM thing, going from door to door with catalogues hoping that I could pick up good orders and then talking to people about the team building opportunities and how they could make decent money from doing the same thing as I was.

You may have been to these big ra-ra hyped up meetings yourself and seen the REALLY successful leaders up there on the stage, winning that BMW or Merecedes, maybe an all expenses paid trip, heard their stories and wanted to be up on stage telling the audience yours.

I remember I did and then I'd go back home all excited, ready to put out as many catalogues as I could. The trouble was as soon as it was raining and I had to go and pick up soaking wet mush, all that good intention disappeared and gradually the whole idea of making huge amounts of money with MLM seemed even more distant.

So I gave it up after a couple of years not really making that much money and then paid a whole lot of money to a 'guru' for a course about direct marketing after seeing little classified ads in the national newspapers. This was before the whole internet thing had started so we're talking about buying licenses and sending out physical products.

Although the information was good, there was no step by step instructions as to which order I was supposed to do things so I really didn't have much understanding about building a mailing list, or anything like that. But I made some good money from that which although was cool, still wasn't the thousands I had been told was possible.

Now by this time I could have given up. My then wife was giving me an earful for spending too much time on the business and not enough time with her or my two daughters, I wasn't making the money I was wanting to make and anything I was making, was going on more courses, so that LIFESTYLE still hadn't come around.

So pretty good reasons to give up maybe.

But I didn't – heck NO!

I still wanted that lifestyle and I was stubborn

Forward to 2008 and it was still the same story but by now I was dabbling with ebay and I was seeing all these people that were making huge amounts of money from that and wondering why they were and I wasn't but I STILL refused to throw in the towel and quit - I just didn't want to!

It was then that I came across Alex Jeffreys who became my mentor after I joined his very first coaching program.

I thought I knew a lot about the internet and marketing. After all I had done some selling on there and made money. Boy was I wrong! Alex's program opened up even more and I basically started from scratch.

Now humans are pretty lazy by nature. We want things but without working or at least without working too hard -right?

And I hold my hand up to this. I got complacent and started to lose focus even although I had built a good sized list. I gradually stopped the emails offering quality information, tips etc and started to just send promotional emails for new launches and products. So of course my list started unsubscribing and I lost the income because I wasn't helping them.

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