Are You A Jellyfish?

Hadougstewartonline_jellyfishve you ever seen a jellyfish?

They lazily float in the water, taken by the ocean currents wherever it wants.

I’ve noticed that in life, sadly, many people are just like those jellyfish:

They float through life from one unfulfilling job to the next.

Or worse, they snag on seaweed and stay at the same job forever.

They “survive”… but they never really thrive.

They have enough money to “get by”… but never enough to buy everything they want.

What’s your option?

If you work full time, you can’t really go get another job.

So many people turn to the internet. The one place you can work at your own pace on your own time.

Yet even then… a lot of those people have given up within a year’s time.


It’s because they float from one “this-will-be-the-product-that-makes-me-rich” system to the next.

They invest their heart into outlandish “get rich quick” promises and ultimately… get disappointed.

Instead, you need to move through the water like a shark.

Sharks cut their own path through oceans.

Not only are they focused, alert and present…

But they’re always moving forward.

(In fact… one of the only ways you can actually kill a shark is to drag them backwards. There’s a lesson there.)

When a Shark smells food, their laser focus blocks out all distractions from their surroundings.

They have one goal.

One mission.

One target.

This week, I challenge you to be like a shark: narrow and focus your attention.

There are a million-and-one distractions out there.

There’s Facebook advertising, youtube videos and dozens of other methods you can use drive traffic.

Instead, focus on ONE THING and do that one thing really really well.

More shark, less jellyfish.

As a rich man once said…

“If you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

So stay focused and I’ll see you at the top!