Learn The Do’s & Dont’s of Solo Advertising And Avoid Costly Mistakes

Solo Ads were the long held secret of the Top Tier producers before it was cracked open and revealed to the masses. It’s the go to traffic generation strategy for Top Tier companies and is the most effective form of email marketing.

Essentially, the process goes like this (in a nutshell): 1. Find a broker 2. Pay the broker 3. Receive traffic. Obviously there are some intricacies to the process which I’ll cover later, but get ready for the excitement in finding out the process that has created a ton of new producers in the industry.


A solo ad is in essence, an email. The email will contain content t hat you have either written yourself, or have asked somebody to write for you. The purpose is to intrigue the recipient to open and read, and then take an action that you have paid for.

The action could be as simple as clicking the link in the email, signing up on the page the link goes to, or even buying something that you’ve promoted or are selling via the email.

A Solo Ad usually has 2 important parts:

1. A captivating subject line – something that can grab the recipient’s attention amongst the oceans of emails they receive every day.
2. An engaging body of text that compels them to read all the way to the end, or as far as they need to until they reach the call to action.

So far so good right?

Nothing too complex. That’s what’s contributed to the rise in Solo Ads amongst newbies over the last couple of years.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing it ?

Good question, it’s mostly because of 2 reasons:

1. They don’t know about it
2. They know about it but don’t understand it well enough to execute successfully.

Like all marketing techniques, Solo Ads carry a small risk with them of not delivering ROI. (Return of Investment)

If you manage to get sucked into buying from a dishonest seller who sells you trashy traffic on purpose, or even a decent seller who sells you bad traffic by accident, chances are you’ll be put off for life. But that ‘s no reason to fear this technique.

For every bad seller, there are 10 good ones. The winners are the marketers who cultivate a strong mental attitude towards their advertising campaigns – knowing the difference between a bad batch and a bad campaign.


Because a solo ad is really just an email that goes out to a specific group of people, you need to find someone who owns a list of people specific to what you want to market.

For example if I was selling a new type of running shoe, I would go and find somebody who has cultivated a list of runners and athletes who would be willing to send out a promotional email linking back to my website where I sell my new running shoes.

Look For A Good Relationship

You need to make sure that the owner of the list has built a good relationship with his or her list and that they know, like and trust him or her.

When it comes to email marketing, the mechanics seem simple but is it?

A delicate balance between maintaining regular contact with your list and not overstepping any boundaries leading your emails to be labelled as spam.

Look For A Good Seller

A good seller, or broker, is someone who fully understands the mechanics of email marketing, how to build relationships with your readers, how to segment and cultivate a list of openers and clickers, how to filter out t hose who are not interested and how to not burn out the list by over promoting.

Test, Test, Test

These brokers can be individuals who have worked hard to build a list or they can be huge publishing companies. It’s up to you to find out who’s got the right kind of traffic, and this usually happens by running tests until you find a winner. Very boring but essential.
If you have the abilities to negotiate, that’s even more of an advantage as you might be able to get some extra traffic for a lower price.

Clicks, Leads, & Buyers

The type of traffic you actually purchase comes in the following formats: clicks, leads and buyers.

Clicks are the most common, imagine you’ve paid for 100 clicks t o your website, that means the broker will send out an email with your link in it and you should receive 100 clicks.

It’s the same with leads except that when you purchase as lead, the person who clicks your link then visits your page and submits their own information on your site to learn more about what you’re marketing.

The third is the most lucrative and elusive type of traffic – the buyer. This is somebody who has already spent money with the broker and is expected to spend more.

Therefore buyers tend to be the most expensive. But remember, we are looking at ROI here, not cost. So if a buyer costs you $150 to acquire, but you know you’ll make $500 from them, it’s an investment, not a cost.

Keep An Eye On Metrics

Once again you need to be keeping an eye on your metrics. Just like all the other forms of paid advertising, if you splash your cash recklessly in a scatter gun approach, you’ll likely come away feeling burned and like you’ve been scammed, even though you didn’t take a calculated, professional approach. You need to remember your CPC, or cost per click, or lead or buyer if that’s what you’re buying. You need t o ensure that the seller offers you all the stats after the campaign so you can analyse, or have your own tracking in place.

Do Your Due Diligence

Do your due diligence, keep an eye on your stats, ensure that your email content is targeted and attention grabbing, and your web page where visitors arrive is user friendly and easy to navigate and you’ll be well on your way to mastering Solo Ads!

Good luck!