“A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”- Thomas Carlyle

Hello and welcome to my blog

You might be here because you are looking for a business opportunity that will allow you to pay off debts, spend more time with your family, take more vacations, put your kids through college/university, buy a house, buy a car or whatever your desire is.

It’s truly different for everybody, as we all have different hopes, dreams and aspirations in life.

A lot of entrepreneurs are in search of freedom but in order to get your freedom, dreams and aspirations, you have to set goals

All successful entrepreneurs will tell you how important it is to “set” goals.

If you are like many people, you’ll do it for a week or two, get really good results, and then you’ll get distracted by too much “stuff” and shiny objects! Somehow you’ll forget what you’re working towards, and what you should be doing. You’ll start to work on the unimportant stuff.  It happens a lot. Don’t let it happen to you. Use this foreknowledge I give you and prepare for distractions.

loadefinedEstablishing goals is not something I can do for you. To be sure, you must set goals before you can get them. However, “goal getting” involves more than just setting goals and then hoping for success.

It involves applying positive habits and rituals that need to be done on a daily basis because these will set you up to multiply your abundance. If you don’t have positive habits and rituals, then every day you need to think about “what do I need to do today to create the results I want” as opposed to having them set in place.

It’s about re-establishing exactly where you want to go. How much money you’d like to make. The daily lifestyle you want for yourself.

But any questioning and self doubt YOU have are just excuses YOU make which are keeping you from your dreams. Once you actually clear ALL excuses or self doubt from your mind and all the blocks are gone, then you can accelerate to your dream at warp speed.

For example you may think you are too old – well Colonel Sanders was 65 years old when he founded the ‘finger lickin’ good’ KFC after he had retired and living of social security checks. He went door to door selling his chicken recipe. Legend has it that he was turned down 1009 times before he heard his first “YES” and yet by 1967, the Colonel was ranked 2nd as the most recognisable celebrity and had well over 600 KFC franchises under his belt.

Think you’re too young? Think Mark Zuckerberg who at the age of 23 created Facebook making him the youngest self made billionaire in the history of the United States.

Think you’re not smart enough? Think Steve Jobs who after just 2 semesters left college and formed a little company you may have heard of called Apple that went on to revolutionise the computer, music and TV industry in just a few short years and which is now worth over $800 billion.

So if you’re in a job or life  position that you hate, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. You can’t just sit around in a job you hate and think “yeah this sucks – OK when’s it gonna change?”

NOTHING is going to change unless you do something differently so you have to at least start that motivation to say “I want to change my life” because guess what – when you start that process, people are going to start coming into your life that will help you move that process forward to your goal or doors will be opened that you didn’t even know were there BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT FIRST ACTION.

Working is over rated but has to be the worst way to make money IF you don’t enjoy what you do.

If you can spend your days doing something you love to do, whether you make any money or not is irrelevant. You can earn money a hundred ways by setting up multiple sources of income but if you can spend all the days doing the thing or things you love then that is a plus.

So if you love doing a service such as cleaning then that’s fine – if you love building a multi million pound business – then that’s fine also. It’s whatever makes YOU happy.

When the human brain is positive, every single business outcome improves dramatically.

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